Greetings and well met!

       I am Mytzle, of the House Plixtor, orator of the house and keeper
of the lore. I have not traveled the fair Isle of Corinthia for too
long, however it seems such a beautiful place, I may just stay a while.
I have travelled a bit and found some wonderous things, I have also
found evil. I  was approached by the towns folk to help return some of
their relatives and friends, it appears my reputation may have traveled
more swiftly than my feet! I agreed to do this thing for them, as I wish
to garner favors from the council as well as not start off in my new
home on the wrong foot! I traveled with a young priest I had met, by the
name of Sheldon of House Snide.. a most wonderous man, versed in the
ways of healing and solid godly man. He too as myself was new to the
realms of Corinthia and felt much the same as myself, the need to
establish himself in the community and with the council. We traveled
through the dangers of the southern forest.. directly south from
Imperial City. We bested vile satyrs, venomous spiders, ill tempered
bugbears, villainous brigands and goblin scouting parties. We headed
towards a direction we were told that the goblin stronghold was, roughly
southwest from Impereal City. As we neared the caves, as we could see
the opening now, we encountered more ambushes from goblins, we were
forced to slay an odd creature which we were later told to be a stinger.
Why did we kill it you might ask? The creature fell upon us, it infected
me with a venom, and cause me to not be able to funjction at full
capacity, I burned, and shivered, the rats of these caves could produce
a similar effect with one simple bits. Then there were the dogs... if
you are like me you are generally well disposed towards our fine canine
friends. These dark creatures, maddened with a disease I know to be
rabies, attacked us without pause and we were forced in the end to slay
them. One infected me and I fell ill, and my good friend Sheldon, I
don't know what he has, mayhaps a direct link to the gods themselves,
was able to call down divine intewrvention and save my life! Ne'er will
I be as devout as he, but I made a mark in my mind, learn the ways of
faith, and I am happy to say that has begun! Back to the tale at hand
however! We traversed these caves slaying any goblins, crafty kobolds,
and anything else which may want to harm us the urgency of our mission
upon us heavily. Tjhere were honest townfolk to be saved! ZWe could be
their only hope! We pressed on discovering a door, guarded by a
veritable horde of the goblins we had grown to hate. We attacked! The
battle was glorious I tell you! Had any goblins lived through tjhat
encounter, the whole goblin nation would cringe in fear of the names
Mytzle of Plixtor and Sheldon of Snide! Those names would be used to
strike fear into the hearts of little children and bring them into
shape! I can see a goblin wench threatening "If ye don't go to sleep ye
little baggarts, I'll send ye to Mytzle and Sheldon I will!" Ha! Imagine
that! But alas there were no survivors to our melee. Searching the
corpses of the goblins, as Sheldon claimed he would be glad to give
their money's to the church ( I suppose it's as good a fib as any
*wink*) we came across two keys,one an old rusted iron key, the other a
shiny key covered in mystical glyphs. We looked around fully taking in
our surroundings, and lo and behold we found a door! I attampted the old
rusty key to no avail, and the the glyphed key, it turned! and as the
tumbles unlocked, the key.. it crumbled to dust! Strange magicks
thegoblins employ, what use is a kley you may only use once?! We walked
through the door and found more goblins, who we quickly and quietly
dispatched. travelling along, we found another army of goblins, and with
them was what appeared to be some sort of witchdoctor! I began pondering
turning back on our mission, and I could tell m y companion did as well.
I began to think of the people who would cease to exist, the children
without parents, the widowes men and women who would scorn us if we did
not try. I decided to go on, and Sheldon the godly man that he is
agreed. Battle was joined, fearing the witchdoctor and his possible
maguicks, we assailed him first. I have studied the body and make-up of
goblins, for my life is knowledge of such things. I dispatched the
goblin witchdoctor before he had a chance to even utter a spell! we
proceeded to smite mightily the rest of the guardians of what was
abviously the antechamber to their leader. We prevailed and clapping
each other on the back ruffled through their belongings, for the church
mind you *wink*. Taking their coins, Sheldon came upon a similar key
marked with glyphs and runes, deciding this unlocked the door to the
goblin leadership we tried it. Of course, we were not in the least bit
ssurprised when it too crumbled to dust.. leave it to the goblins to
make an ornate key that breaks, and an old rusty iron keey that keeps on
forever!  We opened the door, quickly jumping aside and were surprised
to find no one! We vebntured inside the long hall creeping as silently
as we could. we came upon a turn in the hall and peering around it we
saw him. The apparent king of the goblins, if nbot the kind, then the
leader of this clan. we quickly nodded to each other, an unspoken
promise to gather the possesions of the other and flee should something
go wrong.... and leapt upon them. Battle was joined! Sheldon leaped
about the melee with his battle staff smacking goblins every wihich way
but loose. He occaisionally hid behinmd me to restore himself or me and
the fight raged on. I scored a deadly hit on the leader, and his
followers paniced. The rest of the clean up was simple. We found on the
leaders corpse a set of keys, which reminded Sheldon and I of small keys
of the type used on horse hobbles... or on human restraints. quickly we
fled back and going deeper into the cave we came upon our final band of
goblins. by this time we were confident having dispatched sentries along
the way and bats, cave bears as huge as a house and more of those
forsaken rabid dogs. We leaped upon them, and I will not descrtibe the
rest in great detail as .. well as it might upset our more sensitive
friends, but the battle was short, swift and decisive. The witchdoctors
and their apprentices were dispattched with all haste, leaving the
befuddled and fearful grunts to be mopped up. You may ask why we didn't
show mercy? It was because in the cage which hel;d the prisoners, we
found a small child, a girl, and she was dead. She was beyond even
Sheldon of House Snide's call and talent. And this brough the goblins
fats to a certain end. Death. We escorted the prisoners home, through
the forest, and presented them to the Imperial City council. The were
thrilled with us, and we had made friends. Both the people we rescued,
and the ones they loved showered us with wealth and honors. A councilor
whispered into my ear, "There may even be a place for you on the council
someday lad" and winked slyly.  I grinned like a cheshire cat, and
Clapping Sheldon on the shoulder, I set out the dance with all the
women, and not deprive them of my presence. My quest for knowledge and
Truth continues.....

Mytzle of House Plixtor

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