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The Rose: Council of Guardians is a fantasy role playing game similar to games like Major Mud, Tele-Arena, Swords of Chaos and like many internet MUD's. The Rose is not a traditional class-based system, instead you begin life with a disposition, or walk of life, (for example, warrior or priestly) which influences your aptitude to learn certain skills. As an adventurer in the land of Corinthia, experience gains you levels of advancement and levels of advancement gains you additional skill points which you distribute to your different skills. Only when you have reach level 30, are you allowed to choose a class, based on your walk of life. At level 60 you become an initiate to the Council of Guardians. If you haven't played the Rose, try it today!

In the Rose, there are six "Walks of life" to choose from when you start. Each walk determines both what skills you
will be best at, and which of two classes you will be able to Promote to. At level 30 you promote or "Assume" into a class.
The Warrior walk promotes into either a Knight or a Paladin.
The Gypsy walk promotes into either a Rogue or a Scout.
The Scholar walk promotes into either a Monk or a Loremaster.
The Architypical walk promotes into either a Ranger or a Bard.
The Mage walk promotes into either a Archmage or a Necromancer.
The Priest walk promotes into either a Bishop or a Chirgeon.

Characters are ranked by experience for both Walk and Class. Click Here to see our high players.

The Rose Walks of Life.
The warrior caste is trained from birth to be proficient in all methods of melee, martial, ranged and mounted combat. The average warrior has a difficult time learning the magical arts such as spellcasting and alchemy. It is often best to focus the warrior's talents in the areas of offensive, physical combat and defense. Training in the areas of physical combat has left the warrior caste stronger and healthier then the other walks of life. At the time of assumption, warriors may choose either paladin or knight.

Wandering about the realms are many gypsies. The gypsies glean a meager living selling small trinkets and services (legal and otherwise) to passing adventurers and occasionally at bizaars within the town and city limits. The gypsies are a wise and perceptive group of people but not well received. They are often looked upon as thieves and con-artists because of their extremely fast handed and fly by night nature. In The Rose - Council of Guardians, gypsies make good thieving characters. At the time of assumption, gypsies may choose either rogue or scout.

This intense study of defense manifests itself in an innate armor class and defensive ability while they wear armors of courballi type or lighter. Scholars, often abhoring the use of actual weapons find themselves acquiring bonuses when using their hands in combat. Scholars are considered by many players to be the most challenging walk of life to play. At the time of assumption, scholars may choose either monk or loremaster.

Truth be known, the majority of adventurers in the realms are archtypical, common, generic people. Their well roundedness is often a boon in these times when one must be skilled in many things to survive the harshness of the Rose. Archtypicals hail from all across the realm, and are as common as farmers, bankers and stablehands. Archtypical humans are chosen by many players, experienced and beginners alike, who are undecided as to which direction they wish to progress with their player characters. At the time of assumption archtypical characters may choose Ranger or Bard

Mages possess the greatest control over non-benevolent magicks of all other walks of life. Trained from birth in the manipulation of the force of mana and the energies of the world the only magical skill which they lack is that of the Sphere of Life; an unwritten agreement leaving it to the hands of the holymen (see also: priest). They are a physically weak caste and their non-magical combat skills are often quite deficient. Despite their lack of physical prowess, mages spend a good deal of time honing their defensive skills to aid in their survival at lower, less powerful levels. Despite the immense advantage a mage's usage of shield spells allows (damage reduction), they also spend much of their time learning to defend themselves using only the bare essentials. Mages gain an innate armor class as they travel through the levels. Most mages do not last very long in the world of adventure but those who do often rise to become very powerful, respected and wealthy. At the time of assumption, mages may choose either archmage or necromancer.

Priests and other servants of the higher power find their salvation in the worship of their respective deity. Quite often, they feel compelled to venture forth and spread the word of their god about the realms so that others may also learn of the salvation which is before them. Priests in Corinthia are for the most part a wise and benevolent caste and often have a strong command of the Sphere of Life and other healing oriented proficiencies. Many of these missionaries, in preparation for what lies ahead, train themselves in the rudiments of combat. Priests require the greatest amount of experience points per level trained. At the time of assumption, priests may choose either bishop or chirgeon.

The Rose Classes

Knights are the most powerful melee fighting class in the realms of Corinthia. In assumption to the class of knight, a warrior commits himself to the steely, yet monetarily rewarding life of the professional soldier. Employed by wealthy landowners the knight is the protector of the lord who pays him best. Knights gain the most hitpoints per level of all walks of life and classes and are granted the strongest offensive combat penalties except in the area of hand to hand combat where they often fall short. Indeed the knight is the master of the blade and maul. It is rumored that knights gain the ability to attack multiples targets during a single combat round.

Paladins are the holy warriors of the realms. In assumption to the class of Paladin a being dedicates his heart, soul and blade to the cause of good (or evil) and to the will of their deity. Paladins are very strong, gain many hitpoints and are second only to knights in their melee weaponry attack capabilities. It is rumored that Paladins gain the ability to stun their opponents during battle.

Assumed from the gypsy walk of life, the rogue dedicates his life to the acquisition of items and money that through less than honest means. An expert pickpocket and the master of the acquisitioning skill, the rogue is to be feared for its ability to steal critical pieces from your inventory slots. The rogue class finds itself most at home in the hustle bustle of the paved streets of major townships where it is most able to practice its trade.

Assumed from the gypsy walk of life, the scout dedicates much of his life to espionage. An adept at tracking the movements of creatures across vast distances, the scout is often called upon to work as a spotter during assassinations. Acute perception, and fine tuned ranged combat training allow the scout to engage in ranged combat with enemies which are across multiple rooms of darkness through the use of a skill known as autoscanning.

Assumed from the scholarly walk of life, the monk dedicates his life to the art of empty handed combat. The monks intense mental training, discipline and knowledge of critical pressure points on the anatomy of all creatures makes him a formidable enemy. His attacks move at blinding speeds and strike like the hammer of Palapine. It is rumored that monks gain the ability to channel the force of there attacks in such a fashion as to blow their opponents from the room.

Assumed from the scholarly walk of life, the loremaster lives to for knowledge. His ability to survive and prosper in the lands is dependant almost entirely on his knowledge of the lore of the land (for example, bovinology, destramantology). No time for melee weaponry, the loremaster defends himself with his bare hands, his cunning and his raw intellect. Though not quite as adept as the monk at empty handed combat the loremaster is a fair hand at martial arts.

Assumed from the archtypical walk of life, the ranger is a rugged, outdoors(wo)man. Spending much of his natural life in the confines of the forest the ranger finds much comfort in the whiles of nature. The ranger is an expert at hunting and surviving in the wilderness. From birth the ranger develops strong ties to the animals of the lands. These strong ties develop intense loyalties between ranger and creature and often the creature will defend its master with its very life.

Assumed from the archtypical walk of life, the bard is a melodic fellow preferring the stench of smoke, grime and cheap perfumes of an old musty tavern to any other place in the realm. Adept at the art of melodic magicks, the bard is able to conjure and create effects through the use of a musical instrument or her voice. Been around the bush a few times, the bard picks up quite a bit of knowledge about him and her and this and that. Though they prefer to make love not war, they are reasonably well prepared for the sometimes inevitable violent exit.

Assumed from the mage walk of life, the archmage is the sole proprietor of the sphere of alchemy magicks. The archmage is often found concocting potions, enchanting items and performing other alchemical mischief. It is not unusual for an archmage to construct potions for the sole purpose of resale to other beings (players and likewise) and often the most thriving businesses revolve around the healing potion trade.

Assumed from the mage walk of life, the necromancer is the sole proprietor of the sphere of necromancy magicks. Conjuror, manipulator, and adept of the forces of chaos, disorder and death, the necromancer summons his power against the force of life. So powerful in the forces of darkness are the necromancers that they are able to tame the forces of the undead and twist them to his evil will.

Assumed from the priestly walk of life, the bishop dedicates his life to administering (sometimes painfully) the word of their deity upon the heathens of the world. Differing from chirgeon in that they are more fighters than healers, the bishop gains more offensive abilities. A holy avenger in his own right, the bishop blends healing, magicks, combat and religion into a single force capable of beating the word of his deity into even the most thick-skulled monster.

Assumed from the priestly walk of life, the chirgeon (pronounced like surgeon) dedicates every waking moment of his existence to the preservation of life. Chirgeons walk with a constant protective aura about them calming all to non-aggression. A valuable aid in times of pain and suffering the chirgeon is often called upon to provide medical, surgical and dental services.

Here is a listing of our high players as of 6/15/98. We currently do not have anyone who has promoted, but we hope to soon.

[The Chronicles of New Corinthia: Mightiest non-classed]

       Name                                        Ethnicity      Experience
  1.|  Mytzle Plixtor                                  Giant       41830698
  2.|  Deroth Ellisar                                  Giant        8222542
  3.|  FoxFire MoonHammer                              Dwarf        6204997
  4.|  Sheldon Snide                                   Gnome         806590 
  5.|  Twinkle LittleStar                              Dwarf         492679
  6.|  Marcus Candelmas                             Fairfolk         190525
  7.|  Angel Shadowsong                                Giant         162444
  8.|  Lews Therin                                     Dwarf          60633
  9.|  Chronus Vida                                    Giant          53012
 10.|  Battery Master                                  Giant          50087
 11.|  Alliel Plixtor                                  Giant          50011
 12.|  Luther Whiteraven                                 Elf          22682
 13.|  Richard Lionheart                               Human          17514
 14.|  Gragnar LongAxe                                 Dwarf          15417
 15.|  Fuzzus TheHairy                                 Giant          14962

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