So, you are interested in logging on to the point. There are two ways to get started.
First, since you already have Internet access and are probably not local here in Louisiana, we will cover telnet. Find yourself a decent terminal program that supports telnet. A few out there are "Telix for Windows," "Zoc," "Procomm Plus," "Netterm" or you can just use the program that came with Windows 95. Your program should emulate ANSI or your visit to our bbs might be a little bland. Start by opening up whichever program you have and enter into the address field of your dial entry either or If your program asks for a port numer, enter 23 which is default for telnet. Upon completion of the above, you should be looking at our logon message! CONGRATS!

If you are Located in the Greater New Orleans Area (or you wish to incur long distance charges) you can logon over a local phone line. To do so you will need several things!
1: A modem
2: A phone line
3: A terminal program. The one's listed above should all work with a modem or you may wish to find a dos based program for this purpose. They usually support ANSI with more grace than their windows counterparts. Several I would recomend are Telemate, Telix for Dos or Procomm for Dos.
Now that you have a modem, phone line and terminal to work with, lets get started. First you must set up your terminal. This means telling it where your modem is located in your computer. This location is referred to as a "com port," which could be a number usually from 1 to 4. If you have no clue, you can try by trial and error starting with 1 to see if it works. You must also set your IRQ, which usually depends on which com port you are using. Com's 1 and 3 use irq 4 and Com's 2 and 4 use irq 3. You will know if you have the right setting if when you type "at" into the terminal and the modem replies with "OK". Once you have your terminal set up, enter 391-3372 (area code 504 if you are long distance) into the dialing directory, and set it to dial. You should connect in a few seconds where you will see the Point logon message! CONGRATS!

If you have never called the point before, you will need to make a new account. When it asks for a user name, simply enter "NEW" as your name and then fill out the information it asks you for. Once you have an account we require that it be validated. This insures that we do not get bogus users who are a detriment to the system. For local users, there are several ways to get access. You can use the auto-validator that uses the information you entered when you made an account to call you back, thereby verifying your identity, or you can have a sysop call you at the number you left when you made your account, or you may use the check or credit card utilitiesto buy time online. If you are telnetting, you may be validated by mailing the sysop and asking to be validated or using the above mentioned payment options.

Telnet to the Point.
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