Welcome to the Point's Swords of Chaos page

Swords of Chaos is an online multi-player adventure game. In this game you choose a character class (warrior, mage etc...) and try to gain experience to make your character more powerful. The premise of the classes is that anyone can learn any skill or spell, just not as effectively as the class it was intended for. For example: a mage can learn to use weapons and rob, but he will never hit as hard as a warrior or steal as well as a thief.

Levels are gained by training your stats. You go train your stats at an academy, and then earn experience by killing monsters. The exp is divided between all of the stats you are trying to raise. When you have enough experience, the stat raises and you can train it again. The same goes with skills like shield use and slashing weapons.

Here is a list of our high players.

# 1 Timmy           Alastor        Stats:  1276   The Sorcerer Supreme
# 2 Sir             Seal           Stats:   810
# 3 Magnus          Tical          Stats:   655   The Warrior Lord
# 4 Rand            Nemo           Stats:   553   The Barbarian Chieftain
# 5 Dalamar         Obi-Wan        Stats:   387
# 6 Fuzzus          M'sieur Boink- Stats:   291
# 7 Legion          Violent Green  Stats:   249   The Supreme Mystic
# 8 Dodger          Dodger         Stats:   243   The Master Thief
# 9 Janus           Vector         Stats:   243   The Most Holy Cleric
#10 Sheldon         Zoot           Stats:   212
#11 Muerte          Muerte         Stats:   192
#12 John            Nemo-2         Stats:   182
#13 Prince_Rakeem   Mystikal       Stats:   178
#14 Power_2         Alastor-2      Stats:   171   The Master Duelist
#15 Pink-Wonder     Pinky          Stats:   169
#16 Inanna          Heaven         Stats:   124
#17 Martin          Creep          Stats:   109
#18 Ubermutant      Ubermutant     Stats:    92
#19 Some_Guy        Charlemagne    Stats:    90
#20 Hooligan        Warlord        Stats:    83