The Point's Major Mud page

Major Mud is an interactive online multiplayer game where you choose a character, pick a class and race, then go into the realm and develop your character. You advance in levels by killing monsters and gaining experience. Each time you level, you get more hit points and character points that you use to raise your stats. The game is very dynamic and the realm is constantly expanding as the authors create more and more areas. Each class and race has special abilities that will help you in your adventures. Here is a list of the top ten people in our realm.
Rank  Name                      Class        Gang/Guild          Experience
   1. Ranger Rick               Ranger       Judgement Day        471426927
   2. Dragnar TheHolyGuy        Cleric       Judgement Day        141853665
   3. Diamond DontMessWithMe    Ranger       Phear Me              74519549
   4. Luther WhiteRaven         Paladin      The Talamasca         72783614
   5. Maserati ShadowWarrior    Ninja        Judgement Day         67997444
   6. Inanna Bananaprincess     Witchunter   Vanilla `N' Lace      47003050
   7. KalinGrath Atway          Priest       None                  36041302
   8. Garion Reckless           Gypsy        Judgement Day         22529996
   9. Zootvis Prezley           Gypsy        Dead People Society   15777591
  10. Drizzt DoUrden            Mage         Judgement Day         14450752

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